Friday, June 24, 2011

Write It Down!

The twenty-fourth day of June, two thousand eleven. I was finally able to use a "doggy bag" as this marks the day that Eli pooped outside for the very first time. So far it was the only time, but it is forward progress and I am a proud pooch- momma.

Eli spent some time playing with Aunt Delmi this morning. He submits to her and it is very cute to watch them play together.
When another person attempts to give Eli a command he looks to me for direction. It is such a positive behavior and makes me quite happy that he is showing that he wants to get information from me.
Because Eli has been demonstrating good behavior he has not been in his carrier when we are out in public. He has had no issues as my co-patron. Eli is very accustomed to car rides and seems open to new experiences. He was very good during the trip to drop my son off at camp and behaved brilliantly while walking with me there, even with all the strangers around. Eli also accompanied me to the Social Security office this week, followed by a quick stop at Taco Bell. In both places, Eli made me very proud.
Tomorrow, Eli will be making the lengthy trip with me and my husband to pick our son up from camp, then will be meeting more new people when we view a home our family is looking to rent. Hopefully Eli makes a good impression when we meet our potential new landlords.
Eli gets to attend his second horse show on Sunday. I will not be upset with him if he gets crabby, as horse shows tend to be very long days with a lot of commotion. The first show he went to was smaller and did not last as long as this weekend's show will. He is comfortable around the horses, though. And, I found out that Eli loves hoof trimmings.
As far as tricks, we have been reinforcing what Eli already knows while adding different elements. We are still working on "roll over." I know he can do it! I have to nudge him to begin leaning, but he rolls himself over even when obstacles interfere with the smooth execution of the trick. So, he is rolling himself over and not just being pushed over. With practice he will get the entire trick done on his own. Just like finally pooping outside!

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