Wednesday, June 22, 2011


At four months, one week, and one day old, Eli weighs 4 lb., 12 oz., using my food scale. He returns to the veterinarian on the 30th of this month for his Lyme booster, then he should be done with the vet until he goes to be neutered in August.
With the hotter weather and my heat intolerance, I do not have the physical ability to work with Eli as aggressively. I certainly haven't stopped. I simply shorten our formal training and practice sessions.
Eli's name recall is solid no matter where he is or what he is involved with.
"Bring it" is executed beautifully. I feel as though it may be time to begin adding non-toy objects for Eli to bring to me. He can definitely carry things. He has impressed me with some of the things he has picked up and carried. Obviously I will not be requesting Eli to bring me anything unreasonable. I will not let him fail! 8)
Even though Eli's big sister, Mei-li, eagerly waits for someone to share some of their meal with her, Eli does not expect a helping. He has only been to one restaurant with me and was kept inside his carry bag. He was pretty unhappy, but I did not expect his first restaurant experience to go over perfectly. One thing we do not do often is go out to a sit-down restaurant. Because it is such an infrequent thing, I am sure Eli will take a while to get used to that idea. I am happy with the fact that he is not expecting food when I am eating, though.
The exacerbation of my symptoms has given me the opportunity to see Eli demonstrate his intuition that something 'wrong' is occurring. Eli uses his mouth to get my attention. He gets worked up and playfully bites my hands when my body temperature rises. Even when I take a shower, Eli comes around the curtain to check on me, which is really cute. When he does, it reminds me that it's about that time to turn the water temperature down a little more toward the cooler side.
When my head hurts, Eli tends to lick behind my ears.
Eli acts grumpy toward other people when I am not feeling well. Particularly, people who come near me or try to interact with him. It is like he is telling them, "My mom does not feel well and I have a job to do. Please leave us alone." Interestingly, Eli does not display negativity toward my husband or son. Could it be that Eli observed that they assist and recognizes they are 'good' to have around when I am not well?
This whole thing absolutely amazes me. The intuition and interaction between tiny-but-mighty little Eli and me is really becoming incredible.
¤•You can't keep people from having bad opinions about you, but you can keep them from being true.•¤

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