Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well, it seems as though Eli's developing some negative habits that I am having a hard time correcting.
A service dog can not be nippy. I believed Eli was exhibiting positive behavior by keeping people from reaching for him while I am holding him. Especially when I was not feeling well. However, he nipped at a lady the other day who was very familiar with service dogs. She told me he will not qualify as a service dog with that behavior. I thought to myself, "If you're so familiar with service dogs, why are you trying to pet him!"
Eli also demonstrated some food aggression yesterday. It made me very sad. I know it's because our Lhasa Apso always steals things from him, but when I pet him while he was chewing on a bone, he was growling at me. 8( He never did that before. My husband also tried petting him and Eli got even more aggressive toward him.
Eli and I have really bonded. It breaks my heart to come to begin thinking this won't work out. I do not think I would pursue another service dog. I am hopeful that there will be a way to readjust this negative behavior.

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