Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Eli and I have been working very hard this week on reinforcing commands. I am still having difficulty getting him "down" on the hardwood floor, though he will occasionally. He definitely prefers to be on a surface that has texture.
Eli has gotten much more comfortable going potty outside. However, we continue to be unsuccessful with eliminating feces in the out of doors. I will be so excited when it finally happens. Shower time has been going beautifully now that treats come from behind the shower curtain. The bathroom has become a postive place for Eli.
The little guy learned a new trick this week!
I was unable to get a better picture of him doing it, but Eli now gives me his paw. I attract Eli's big sister, Mei-li, when I have the treats out and am working with Eli. Mei-li has known to sit, give paw, and lay down for a while. Her daddy and I have been trying to get her to roll over. She understands the concept because she goes from an upright laying down position to turned on her side when she is asked to roll over, but she has yet to do a complete roll. Anyway, when I asked Mei-li to give me her paw, Eli sat next to me and lifted his paw in the air. So, I asked Eli to give me his paw and he immediately put his paw in my hand. 8)

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