Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Wow! I am astonished by Eli's compliance. He picked right up on the command to "focus" on me. I tried it when he was being held by someone else and he immediately turned and looked right into my eyes. We were practicing this morning, too, and my husband commented that Eli kept his focus on me even though the closet door was being opened behind him and jackets were being hung up. I didn't even think about the distracting factors until my husband commented.
I am hoping to begin professional training this weekend. I am very optimistic that Eli will do an incredible job.
We will be increasing the level of difficulty with regard to executing commands. I am going to have Eli hold "stay" longer in both a "sit" and "down" position, and am going to extend the distance I move away from him. Of course, I am going to have him keep his "focus" longer and will be including more distractions.
Eli and I still need to work on leash walking and housebreaking. These areas have been quite difficult. It's not Eli's fault, either. I have a hard time standing or walking very long. I had Eli outside with me yesterday and I ended up losing my balance and fell. We always run into issues when all the children in the neighborhood are home, too. He is a magnet! It is impossible to work with him outside when there is a constant circle of neighborhood children around us. It's good for socializing him, but we get nothing else done. I am hopeful that we will be able to make positive strides, particularly with housebreaking. I do not want to have to keep puppy pads on the floor any longer.
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  1. I really admire your dedication. I know how time consuming and exhausting, when you don't have your full health, it is to train a dog even to an elementary standard. Well done. Hugs lin