Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Eli has become my best friend and my tiny little hero.
It is breaking my heart that he will be leaving me. I know he will be happy and loved, but I have literally spent the last 10 months with Eli right by my side. He gave me a measure of confidence to be alright with being out in public with my disability. He has been comforting when I am suffering through bad days and he has alerted others when I have needed someone else's assistance.
Things just have not worked out with our family's living situation. While we have an enjoyable place to live, I can not say that it is dog friendly. We have a nice property, but our doors are in close proximity to the road and letting the dogs outside is nerve racking. I would not be able to live with myself should something happen to either Eli or Mei-li.
I do not know how Eli will handle "retirement." I want to feel like he will slip right into being a pet with his new family very easily. I certainly hope this will be the case. It helps to ease my heartache slightly to know he is going to be loved and well taken care of. I am just going to miss him so much and I do not know what I am going to do without him. Never leave the house again? Probably. I may even give up driving. One of those harsh realities that comes with having an unpredictable disease and now, no tiny little hero.


  1. I'm so sorry for you in your distress. It's hard enough to lose a beloved pet, but how much more when you've had such hopes and dreams for your future with him. I'll keep you in prayer my dear. Love lin

  2. Thanks Lin. (((hugs)))
    I can't do it, though. Eli's staying right where he belongs.
    I wish I could craft the way you do, Lin. Your work is so beautiful. I don't know why I am unable to comment on your blog. Google always gives me a hard time. I keep trying, though. ♥

  3. Lots of people seem to have problems commenting on blogs. Never mind. I'm not able to craft very much at the moment. I can sometimes do a little in the morning. No where near as well since my dad died back last summer. Stress and distress takes so much out of us doesn't it. Hugs lin