Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eli is a Canine Good Citizen!

My little punkin' seed passed his CGC test! I am ultra proud of him.
I was very nervous. My anxiety increased when we had to regroup so I could get Eli to execute his stay. When we returned to the test room, Eli did it and I was ecstatic! One thing I did have to change is that I had to leave my cane behind as I walked away from him. Eli and I have been working so much on "here," which uses my cane as a touch point for him. When I left my cane behind to walk across the room, Eli stayed put. We are definitely going to have to strengthen his stay so that I can walk away with my cane. He knows what to do, though, and that is fantastic for a seven month old.
To my surprise, Eli really liked the "friendly stranger," Natasha. (I think her name is Natasha. My heart was in my throat, so I may not be remembering her name correctly.) He was great with her. He also did very well on his reaction to Lisa's German Shepherd, Rose.
I honestly prepared myself for not-so-good results today. He was a bit anxious when we arrived. He has not been there in a few weeks and he walked around with his tail tucked tightly between his legs for a little while. With all the pressure and everything we have gone through with our move, I did not expect Eli to execute the test points as well as he did. Believe me, there were glitches! That said, through it all Eli is a good boy. I guess I am doing a pretty good job helping him along, too. 8)

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