Monday, September 19, 2011

Doing His Job

Around four o'clock in the morning Sunday I proceeded to become very ill. Eli was in the bathroom with me when I became sweaty and light-headed. Before passing out, I unlocked and opened the bathroom door.
I am unsure as to how long I was out, but upon awakening I could hear Eli running back and forth from the master bedroom to the living room, where my son was sleeping on the couch.
When I was finally able to get up and leave the bathroom, I found Eli sitting on my son, trying to wake him up.
I am so proud of him! Even though his attempt at getting help was unsuccessful, he definitely tried. I had a discussion with my husband and my son about responding to Eli, especially when he is not with me. The problem Eli had with getting my husband's attention was that he is unable to get onto our bed by himself. We will have to get Eli a set of doggy stairs.
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  1. yes, the doggy stairs are essential. what a good boy! so proud of him!!!!