Monday, August 15, 2011

Six Months Old

Eli is growing up so fast. It is hard to believe the little guy is already six months old.
The ability that Eli has is incredible. He certainly turned a skeptic into a believer! Yes, Chihuahuas can be fantastic service dogs, as long as the dog has the drive to work. Eli absolutely wants to work for me.
We have bonded so well during these first six months of Eli's life. He is very in-tuned to me and vice-versa. Eli is most comfortable when we are together, though he accepts an ocassional separation. Not that he likes being apart. He accepts it.
We are already nearing the end of Canine Good Citizen class. Training Eli with this element really is a joy. I admit that pets we have had in the past came into our family and did not receive any kind of specialized training. The reason I have focused so much on Eli's training is because he did not enter our family as a pet. I wish I had known how beneficial this form of training is for pets, as well. It really does enhance your bond and affords your pet the opportunity to be well-mannered. Training provides your pet with a higher quality life and intellectual stimulation. It is all part of being a responsible pet owner.
Having a service companion is hard work, but when it makes having a disability a little easier, it is well worth the time and effort. Eli is an amazing companion for me. Though I did not believe it could possibly be true, a Chihuahua really is the perfect match for me. I am hoping Eli will develop a little more confidence as he gets older and I can not wait for his rebellious teen period to be over. However, I would not trade him. I may joke about it, but Eli is here for me and is here to stay.

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