Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

My beautiful maternal grandmother's name was Irene Viola (Wonoski) Seraphin. She lost her battle with Lymphoma and, ultimately, Leukemia thirteen years ago.
I remember hunkering down with my mother and brother for Hurricane Gloria in 1985 in our apartment on Vandale Street. The same apartment we lived in when we got the news of my grandmother's cancer diagnosis.
Twenty-six years later, here is Hurricane Irene. I can not help but think about all the things my grandmother did not get to know about me. She was alive until my daughter was about two years old so she did get to be a great-grandmother in her lifetime. Grandma Seraphin did not get to meet my son, nor would she know that my husband, the father of my two children, and I married in 2001 and recently celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.
Amos was my grandmother's black and tan chihuahua. She loved Amos and she would adore my little Eli, though she would not like the reason I have him.
Due to the hurricane, Eli's Canine Good Citizen test was postponed. I am a little worried about the test since Eli did not get a whole lot of practice for a few of the elements, especially with all that I have been worried about and busy with lately. Of course, Eli has no idea that we are going through a hurricane. He does sense that I have been concerned and stressed about many things. One of them being Eli's test. He always amazes me, though. I just need to have confidence.
My grandmother fought her battle with cancer for many, many years, even though she was given only months at the time of her diagnosis. Like the strong-willed Polish woman my grandmother was, Hurricane Irene makes me think about what my grandmother might say to me if she were alive today.
Weather the storm. Ride it out. Don't worry about the aftermath until it's over because you did what you could to prepare and now it's out of your control. That's the way it is.
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  1. Good words of wisdom to remember. Hope things go well with Eli's test and your cope with all else that comes your way. Hugs lin