Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Buzz

Not only is Eli keeping me busy, the hot weather is wiping me out. Eli is really showing that he knows when I am starting to have symptoms, which is very good. Now he just needs to be praised for his behavior during the symptom and the more things occur, the earlier Eli will be able to 'warn' me.
He is on my medication schedule. When it is time for me to take my medications, Eli does not leave me alone until I take them.
Eli is learning to bring me my cell phone. We still play "bring it" with his toys and he knows what that means. He showed me that he has the ability to carry my cell phone, we just have not been able to put the whole concept together yet.
This afternoon was Eli's first time at the groomer. He was not there to be groomed. We were dropping Mei-li off. However, Julie at Wags to Whiskers offered to trim Eli's claws for me after I announced my hesitancy to tackle the task. Eli was great for her! She held him in one arm while trimming his claws with the other and commented that he did not flinch or even make a peep. She could see that Eli's a pro at being handled. Yay! 8)
I am definitely seeing that Eli's demeanor is terrific when I hand him over, providing him the cue that I want him to be friendly with someone else, and he certainly has been being a social butterfly. Eli has been making friends with new dogs and new people. Our horse moved to a different barn so Eli has been meeting new people there, as well as new horses and all sorts of other animals. He met a few chickens, a big domestic turkey who was equally interested in Eli, the turkey's wife, and a very big and very dirty pig.
On a side note; I taught Eli the sign for "sit" and he now sits when I sign. I think I will implement more sign language into Eli's command library. One thing that happens to me with multiple sclerosis is I lose my voice. It has happened more often in the past two years than it ever had. I have a feeling that teaching Eli sign language will end up being beneficial one day.
`*.¸.*´ CrystalLynn ~~~

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