Tuesday, April 26, 2011

People Training

I must say that the very first step in puppy training is the person's commitment to it. Without determination in meeting goals, consistency with a training routine and schedule, and learning appropriate techniques and procedures, the entire training process will result in a frustrating waste of time.
As much as I am able to, I am doing as much research as possible to ensure Eli's training success. Because I have to struggle through my disabling condition, the process requires a huge amount of effort from me. Our family has always been responsible with our non-human members. Being responsible pet people requires an amount of people training. Toss in the responsibility of handling a service dog and now you have a major commitment.
Service animals deserve the same amount of love and care as family pets do, but an animal who is expected to work must maintain certain abilities and merits a different level of respect from their handlers. All animals should receive stimulation to keep their minds sharp. Stimulation and skills refinement is essential for the working dogs. Remember ~ the handler relies on their service dog and trusts that the dog will keep them safe. If we depend on a vehicle, we do inspections and routine maintenance. We must continually make sure that we can rely on that vehicle. The same is true with a service dog. Often, the handler's life is entrusted to their service dog. This means it is of tremendous importance that the service dog is in tip-top shape physically and mentally.
People training is the most difficult part of the dog training process. However, it's the most essential. All dogs look to their people for leadership and direction and a service dog absolutely must have these from their handler in order to perform effectively.
I strive to do my best with my training and I am hopeful that Eli feeds off my determination and commitment to him and is just as eager to work for me.
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  1. I'm sure he'll thrive with this level of commitment you are giving him. Well Done. Love and hugs lin