Sunday, April 24, 2011

Elisio Bearez del Comeau

Eli's registration with AKC Canine Partners is complete!
His registered name is Elisio Bearez del Comeau with his call name being, of course, Eli. Elisio means "my God is salvation", which is why I love the name. Bearez is spanish for indicating that he is the son of Bear. Del Comeau is spanish for saying "of Comeau", or stating that he is from the Comeau family.
Being a registered AKC Canine Partner provides us the benefit of having lifetime enrollment in the AKC CAR Lost & Found Recovery Service, he will be given an AKC CAR collar tag engraved with his unique AKC number and the number for the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Lost and Found recovery service, it makes him eligible to participate in Agility, AKC Rally® and Obedience Events (such as the Canine Good Citizen program), and he'll receive a certificate and Canine Partner decal, plus many other benefits under the program.

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