Friday, October 28, 2011

A Long Time Apart

This is the longest Eli and I have been separated and, honestly, I'm very worried about the effect it may have on his training.
My husband and children brought Eli to the hospital to visit me. He behaved excellently and made me very proud. I wish I could have shown him off to everyone.
I have been told that Eli does spend time at home wondering where I am. Where I am is in the hospital. I have been in the hospital for four days so far. Thankfully Eli does not seem to be overly anxious at home without me. He is handling his supervised separation well, but does keep an eye out for my return. Poor little guy.
It seems he and I will be a little more busy upon my discharge. We will have to work that much harder on reinforcing skills. Eli is very smart, though. I know he will pick everything right back up. It is what Eli WANTS to do. <3
*??)  CRySTaLLyNN                          
?..??..*??) ?..*?)
(?..? (?..` ? God understands our prayers even when we can't find the words to say them.*??)
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  1. Sorry you having to spend time in hospital. Hope all goes well for you and you are soon back home with all your family. Keeping you in prayer, know how it feels when our brain is too churned up to be able to say clearly what we want to. He does listen to our hearts as you know. Hugs lin